Making an impact that matters: 2015 Global Report

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2015 Global Report

At a glance

This year’s report features the many ways our organization makes an impact that matters—for clients, for our people, and for society—as we pursue our aspiration to become the undisputed leader in professional services.

Main areas


Strategy, outlook, and acquisitions

Business choices aim to separate Deloitte from the pack

Deloitte’s focus is on being the best—the undisputed leader in professional services in the eyes of its clients; the premier career destination for top talent; and a role model of quality, integrity, and positive change that helps solve the toughest global challenges.

Deloitte's Purpose

Making a positive, enduring impact that matters

Deloitte is led by a Purpose: to make an impact that matters. This Purpose inspires Deloitte professionals and will help us achieve our global strategy of being the undisputed leader in professional services.


Our network's purpose-driven pursuit of quality and integrity

Ethical behavior among Deloitte professionals is non-negotiable. That’s why DTTL Global Ethics and member firm ethics teams continue to aggressively integrate ethics into key initiatives and processes, stressing quality and consistency of approach across the network.


Preserving the public's trust

Every Deloitte professional, from the newest assistant to the most senior leader, must comply with well-established policies and procedures to ensure their independence. Regulators demand it. Clients need it. The public expects it. So, we deliver it.

Deloitte network structure

Local knowledge, global capabilities

The Deloitte organization continues to reinforce its differentiating structure, achieving economies of scale, sharing leading best practices, and implementing approaches that are designed to deliver a consistent level of excellence around the world.

Delivering service that matters

We serve clients with quality and distinction, making a measurable and attributable impact

Deloitte aims to be potential clients’ first choice when they’re looking for an auditor’s auditor. When they need the confidence to take decisive action and achieve transformative results. When they require deep knowledge on complex tax issues. When they are facing a bet-the-company challenge.

Driving sensible solutions

Deloitte puts the Internet of Things to work for motorists

Opportunities to leverage the tremendous growth of embedded sensors and connected devices seem almost limitless, if approached properly. Learn how Deloitte is using ambient computing technology and telematics to help make driving safer, less frustrating, and more affordable.

Guarding client confidentiality

Advanced measures let Deloitte combat cybercriminals, protect data

Deloitte seeks to become the profession's leader in setting the standard for protecting confidential information. The Deloitte network aspires to always operate in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in a manner that fosters trust and inspires confidence.

Cybersecurity is a team sport

Former public-sector professionals help clients integrate resilience across the board

Cyber breaches aren’t just a technologist’s problem. Deloitte Cyber Risk Services prepares and validates an organization’s overall cyber resilience from the boardroom, to the war room, to the individual employee, to the organization’s stakeholders and customers.

Artificial intelligence, real results

Cognitive computing capabilities can help member firm clients make smarter, faster choices

Cognitive computing has the potential to reshape how work gets done, how businesses grow, and how markets and industries evolve by delivering automated, evidence-based responses that drive better outcomes. Learn how Deloitte is focused on using cognitive computing as a positive disruptor.

Fresh perspectives enhance the audit

Innovative techniques and tools appeal to younger, tech-savvy professionals

Data analytics, visualization techniques, and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way Deloitte is able to approach and conduct audits—and are making the vocation significantly more attractive to both students and young professionals.

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Biggest implementation ever? No problem!

Hewlett-Packard human capital project is one for the record books

With an aggressive 15-month deadline, Deloitte and Hewlett-Packard teamed up to execute the world’s fastest, biggest, and most complex Workday human capital management system implementation.

Building careers that matter

We inspire our people to deliver value—mentoring and developing future leaders and colleagues for life

The cornerstone of Deloitte’s global talent strategy is the development of inspirational, world-class leaders at all levels. To achieve this vision, the Deloitte network continues to make significant investments in the design and delivery of an inclusive, world-class learning experience.

Helping purpose-driven talent thrive

"You can change the world and have a business career"

The internet has altered how many of us think and relate to the world around us, breaking down barriers and exposing causes in ways that weren’t possible a generation ago. One result of this evolution is the purpose-driven professional.

Investing in Deloitte people

An inclusive talent experience that appeals to both the head and the heart

Do inspired people come up with great ideas? Or do great ideas inspire people? At Deloitte, the questions are not mutually exclusive. The Deloitte network is committed to helping its people reach their full leadership potential.

New leaders establish a path forward

Network governance approach reinforces commitment to quality and integrity

Strong governance and leadership structures, guided by Global CEO Punit Renjen and DTTL Chairman David Cruickshank, help Deloitte member firms maintain high levels of quality, integrity, and trust.

A step in the right direction

Deloitte tackles youth unemployment by scaling innovative education ideas

Since 2009, Deloitte has been committed to identifying and investing in innovative solutions that enhance access to education and employability. In FY2015, Deloitte contributed to education and skills activities, reaching 390,000 young people.

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Having influence that matters

Contributing to society, building confidence and trust, upholding integrity, and supporting the community

Deloitte contributes to society through the work we do, by tackling increasingly difficult economic, regulatory, and social issues, and through participation in local community activities. Being a force for good is a core element of Deloitte’s culture.

Informing the debate

Deloitte helps drive outcomes that benefit both business and society

Deloitte actively participates in dynamic regulatory discussions around the world and is involved with policy issues its member firms believe will be positive for society as a whole.

Protecting professionals near and far

From insurgency to medical urgency, Deloitte Global Security measures up

The DTTL Global Security Office works with member firms to keep Deloitte people safe, particularly during times of emergency or when they are called upon by clients to work in higher-risk areas. A comprehensive program has been put in place to address ever-present threats around the globe.

Reaching out with purpose

Deloitte professionals' business skills elevate global humanitarian efforts

Syria and the South Pacific are separated by 16,000 kilometers and a long list of physical and social contrasts. But, they have at least one thing in common—humanitarian needs that require innovative solutions.

Investing in post-disaster innovation

Promise of economic resurgence drives Deloitte Japan's social mission

Deloitte Japan, which continues to provide revival and restoration support in the wake of three connected disasters, has expanded its focus to recognize the broader need to rebuild a national economy crippled by those events.

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