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IFRS in your pocket


Welcome to the 2016 edition of IFRS in Your Pocket. It is the concise guide to all topics which have made this publication an annual, and indispensable, world‑wide favourite for audit professionals. At its core is a comprehensive summary of the current Standards and Interpretations along with details of the projects on the agendas of the IASB and the IFRS Interpretations Committee.

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This 120-page guide includes information about:

  • The IASB organisation — its structure, membership, due process, contact information, and a chronology,
  • Use of IFRSs around the world, including updates on Europe, United States, Canada, and elsewhere in the Americas and Asia-Pacific,
  • Recent pronouncements — those which are effective and those which can be early adopted,
  • Summaries of current Standards and related Interpretations, as well as the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting and the Preface to IFRSs,
  • IASB agenda projects and active research topics,
  • IFRS Interpretations Committee current agenda topics,
  • Other useful IASB-related information.
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