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Today's multinational organizations need legal advisors who can assist them with both day-to-day activities as well as major corporate life events and can serve them in many jurisdictions.

Deloitte member firms have a long standing reputation for helping clients to address complex, cross border issues. Deloitte Legal lawyers guide you through your project in a coordinated way around the world. Deloitte Legal is able to provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions as well as offer support services that can increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of some routine legal activities. Deloitte Legal offers services in the fields of commercial law, company law, mergers and acquisitions, labour law and regulated industries.

  • 73 countries
  • 141 offices
  • 1700 experienced lawyers

Deloitte Legal in Central Europe

Clients are served by a team of over 150 highly qualified lawyers with wide experience in various industries, among others the operation of the financial sector, production and manufacturing companies. Member offices of the network, in cooperation with other Deloitte experts if necessary, match experience and knowledge efficiently to help solve complex problems when representing multinational clients.

The network was established in response to the increased need of the market for the cooperation of law firms around the world. As a result, one single organisation can offer complex solutions to clients in the whole region with respect to both country specific and EU law.

Deloitte believes strongly that an integrated finance, tax and legal practice provides the most added value to our clients. Using multi-disciplinary teams ensures that all proposals are validated from finance, tax and legal angles from the earliest stages of the process, so that no time and resources are allotted to irrelevant courses of action. With a multi-disciplinary team of professionals having worked closely for several years, communication is direct and efficient, to the benefit of the client.

  • 17 countries
  • 200+ experienced lawyers

Find more about our activities and services in Central Europe at www.deloittelegalce.com

Deloitte Legal Közép-Európában

Deloitte Legal in Hungary

Deloitte Legal Erdős and Partners Law Firm

Deloitte Legal Erdős and Partners Law Firm, Deloitte Hungary's correspondent law firm, is the Hungarian member of the global Deloitte Legal network.

Deloitte’s correspondent legal practice has been providing assistance to clients in Hungary on various matters pertaining to mergers and acquisitions, corporate and commercial law, finance, banking and capital markets, real estate, employment, competition, fiscal and commercial litigation. Our team comprises fully qualified attorneys who have worked and/or studied abroad, professionals with degrees in both law and economics and experts in banking and finance.
Our lawyers possess significant experience in high volume transactions in which complex matters are addressed from a cross-border and multi-disciplinary perspective. We have access to the international network, technology and knowledge of Deloitte, one of the world's leading professional organizations.

In our view, the financial, tax and legal aspects of most projects are necessarily linked and generally require extensive communication between advisers Sometimes, when different financial, tax and legal consultants are used, communication is more complex and resources and synergies are more efficiently used.

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