What, us worry? Optimism up, again

2017 Q3 Global CFO Signals™

For several quarters now, many CFOs have been telling us that they remain optimistic about their company prospects, their country prospects, and their growth expectations – even while voicing alarm over escalating geopolitical risks and political turmoil.

In this quarter’s Global CFO Signals, finance leaders in many of the 23 surveys reporting seem to again shut out the noise and focus on the positive. But there are some regional differences that should be noted.

How does CFO sentiment break down? Download the 2017 Q3 Global CFO Signals to learn more.


2017 Q3 Global CFO Signals™

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Many of the 160 CFOs responding to Deloitte’s third-quarter 2017 CFO Signals™ survey indicate an interest in raising their influence – either through an expanded CFO role or a CEO role. “Slightly more than half of the CFOs name a CEO role as one of their top three reasons for likely making a change, and nearly 45% name an expanded CFO role,” notes Sandy Cockrell III, national managing partner, US CFO Program, Deloitte LLP. Just over 40% of CFOs indicate they would like to be their CEO’s successor, and 46% would consider an offer to be CEO for another organization.

Leading International Growth: Charles Holley, CFO-in-Residence

Many CFOs are being tasked by their CEOs with taking a greater hand in driving growth. Often, that means looking to other countries for new market opportunities. Leading an international growth effort challenges CFOs to tailor the capabilities they need to operate in a domestic market to the unique aspects of operating globally, says Charles Holley, a senior advisor to Deloitte. He discusses what it takes to lead global expansion from the CFO’s seat, and describes practices he found helpful in leading international growth.


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