CFO Insights: Accelerating performance one workgroup at a time

CFO Insights

For many leaders, improving performance is always top-of-mind. Yet, for all the attention it gets, a big opportunity may be being missed: There’s a new approach that can not only improve performance, but accelerate it.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, however, requires focusing on a part of the organization that is largely invisible today: the frontline workgroup. To unleash the potential for accelerating the performance improvement of workgroups, organizations need to both recognize the frontline workgroup as the key engine of future performance and move beyond the notion of “high-performing teams.”

Leaders and managers can address this potential by cultivating a set of practices that are specifically designed to accelerate learning within the workgroup, one workgroup at a time. In this issue of CFO Insights, we discuss several elements of business practice redesign that can not only potentially help frontline workgroups learn faster and perform better, but could also accelerate performance improvement over time.

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Additional resources

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