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The future of defense and national security with Nathan Houser

Deloitte principal and Defense & National Security leader Nathan Houser sees a focus on three areas in 2018: readiness and the integration of new technologies, space resilience and national security, and technologies to improve operational efficiency. While specific nuances may differ by agency and mission, each of these objectives is central to meeting challenges to our security.

Nathan Houser on this year’s trends for defense and national security agencies

  • What are the priority defense and national security opportunities that await in 2018?
  • What trends are we seeing that result in a shift in thinking around strategic priorities for defense and national security agencies in the coming year?
  • You mentioned that integrating new technology will be a priority this year. Can you talk a little more about that?
  • What implications do the priorities for 2018 have on the defense and national security workforce?
2018 Defense and National Security Industry Outlook
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