Threat intelligence & Analytics


Threat Intelligence & Analytics

Threat Intelligence & Analytics

Threat Intelligence & Security

All cyber attacks share a common procedure that includes the identification of the victim and the tool, and the preparation of the infrastructure. Threat Intelligence services will help organisations to detect attacks before and during these phases.

Threat Intelligence monitors, collects and analyses events that may become a threat to an organisation. The provided intelligence enables the establishment of defensive actions and prevention measures.

Through the provision of solutions, both inside and outside the perimeter, and the use of other EMEA SOC and Deloitte Global Intelligence Network services, clients can reach an advanced maturity level regarding information security.

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Lajos Antal

Lajos Antal

Partner, Regional Lead Partner

Lajos Antal is the Cyber Risk services leader for Deloitte Central Europe. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity consulting. He established in Hungary one of the world ... More