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Detailed rules of online data reporting have been published

The draft amendment of the Ministry decree on invoice data reporting has been published on the Government website together with the detailed technical system requirements. There is a short period of six months to prepare for the changes, and Deloitte is ready to fully assist its clients in this process.

Taxpayers have been waiting for the information that is now available on the government website with respect to the online invoice data reporting obligation. You will find the draft decree which provides the regulatory background for the new obligation, and two further documents addressed typically to developers with all the relevant system requirements. The draft decree precisely lays down the steps of data reporting, responses in case of successful or erroneous data supply, repeated reporting after an error was remedied, as well as protocol to follow in case of a system breakdown.

This Government information confirms that the obligation is effective as of 1 July 2018, which gives us less than six months for preparation. Deloitte is ready to support its clients and has developed a solution (with various functionalities based on individual needs) which ensures compliance with the statutory obligations and provides support services for the implementation and updating of the software.

You will find more information with respect to VATOnline, the software that helps you meet the online invoice data reporting obligation on our website, and we are also pleased to present this solution at a personal meeting. Also, Deloitte is happy to help its clients that develop their own solutions but need assistance with the implementation either in terms of legal interpretation or technical issues.


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