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NextGen Survey 2018

Deloitte Family Business Centre is conducting a research worldwide, into the views and experiences of the next generation of family business leaders.

The aim of our research is to gather views of the next generation of family business leaders, and share the richness of their knowledge and experiences in a report.

Driven largely by digital technology and greater connectivity, new ways of creating value are being developed in all areas of business, in the form of networks, collaboration and interdependence – which we define as a business ecosystem.

The opportunities for innovation from business ecosystems exceed those available to individual organizations operating independently, and are transforming the business landscape.

The survey seeks to discover how the next generation of leaders of family businesses perceives business ecosystems and position their company within it, and how they expect to take their company forward in a rapidly-changing business landscape full of uncertainty, challenges and new opportunities.

The survey is open for your participation until Wednesday 28th February 2018 and will take about 15 minutes of your time to complete. Your answers will not be linked to you or your business in any way, and only aggregate values will be reported.

NextGen Survey 2018

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