Tax Law Changes 2018

Summary of the provisions of the autumn tax package

On 13 November 2018 the Parliament adopted the autumn tax package. Please read the summary written by our experts on the key issues related to the tax laws effective as of next year.


1.    Personal income tax from 2019

2.    Social security contribution, social tax and health tax in 2019

3.    Amendments to the Act on Flat-rate Taxation of Small Taxpayer Businesses and Small Business Tax

4.    Changes Concerning Corporate Tax

5.    Local Business Tax

6.    Duties

7.    Accounting Act

8.    Changes Concerning Value Added Tax

9.    Special Taxes Concerning the Finance Sector

10.  Duty on Financial Transactions

11.  Excise Tax

12.  Customs Rules

13.  Act on the Rules of Taxation

14.  Act on the Order of Tax Administration Procedures 

15.  Act on Foreclosure Procedures to be Implemented by the Tax Authority 

Tax Law Changes 2018
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