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Tax Technology solutions

Technology has a vital part to play in the management of tax, however the landscape is complex and evolving.

Deloitte’s Tax Technology consultants represent a new breed of tax professionals who understand the process from transaction recording to tax reporting and beyond, and the available tax technology solutions. They can assist companies with planning, designing and implementing customized integrated systems for meeting their tax objectives.

Why Technology?

Technology is currently one of the core initiatives across Deloitte Hungary’s local practices, involving more than 70 technology professionals focusing on various key technology areas.

Why Tax Technology?

While tax standards and requirements evolve, many clients are still using decades-old, often manual processes to keep up with next-generation demands.

Clients are facing:

• Sweeping regulatory changes across jurisdictions

• Major changes in the way authorities administer tax

• Increasing amount of mandatory e-filing requirements

• Shrinking in-house staff and evolving resource requirements

• Increasingly complex governance

Who might be interested?

All companies who see high potential in technology-based solutions to reach at least one of the above advantages, but do not have the appropriate competence, capacity or ability to initiate local developments on the current client systems.

Businesses seeking to:

• Undertake transformation projects to improve the management of tax

• Increase automation of statutory accounts, VAT and Corporate Income Tax processes

• Increase operational efficiencies and manage recurring costs

• Optimize resourcing models including insource/co-source/outsource, near-shore, offshore options

• Implement shared service centers, deploy ERP systems or undertake
other process and organizational improvements


Overview of services:

Deloitte’s Tax Technology Architects help companies design and implement integrated systems for the management of tax, which can help clients to:

• Manage the costs related to tax compliance activities through greater operational efficiencies

• Enhance quality and control

• Improve risk management

• Respond to new regulations

• Create an improved working environment for tax and finance professionals

Why Deloitte?

Core distinctions:

• our team understands the process from transaction recording to tax reporting and beyond, including the available tax technology solutions;

• we have a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements and tax reporting obligations;

• off-the-self solutions that have a proven track record in the market;

• flexible approach that incorporates relevant mix of methods and service models;

• regional experience in standardizing and automatizing tax data flows;

• variety of technology professionals;

• access to one of the largest global networks of tax and technology specialists;

• ability to support even cross-border tax technology initiatives.

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