Adótechnológiai szolgáltatások


Tax Technology services

Off-the-shelf products for various tax areas:

Deloitte’s Tax Technology team has a proven track record in delivering products for various tax areas, such as:


IFRS Taxellence






Customized solutions

Our Tax Technology team is able to offer end-to-end solutions for managing complex tax reporting requirements. Upon certain client request Deloitte can deliver unique solutions to help meet the regulatory requirements.

SAP interface development services

During our client projects, we usually face with a situation that robust SAP systems are irresponsive to local regulatory changes, and regional or global projects can rarely meet the expected deadlines set by the local authorities. In most cases, the reason is the lack of local authority, the appropriate competence or the required capacity.

Our Tax Technology team is working in close cooperation with a long-time certified SAP Partner to help our clients easily adapt to local regulatory changes through the delivery of integrated tax reporting components.

Technology advisory services

In case you have the proper development capacity but do not know how to design your system to be compliant with the local regulation, our team would be happy to provide advisory services related to the technical or business design of the dedicated system or component.

System or Process Health Check

In case you have a working engine for tax reporting purposes, but would need further confirmation whether it is compliant with the current regulatory requirements from a tax or technical point of view, our team would be pleased to provide Health Check analyses on system or process level.

XML Consulting

In view of the wealth of experience acquired through the implementations of XML deliverables for various clients and tax areas, our team would be happy to assist you in the design or in the validation of XML files to be delivered for tax reporting purposes. Our service is usually consists of a structural and a tax technical review or consultancy.

Services related to going paperless

Our team has a proven track record in implementing paperless solutions for the field of finance or taxation. We would be happy to assist you in developing unique company specific interfaces or components which fit to your current requirements.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects

In most cases, the need for automation can be clearly identified, however the development of the Company’s system is complex or cannot be delivered. In such cases, robotics technology can help the Company to achieve automation goals in a simplified, more cost effective way.