Ákos Lukács

Advisory Sustainability and Climate change

Service Line Leader

Ákos Lukács

Dózsa György street 84/C




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Ákos Lukács has over fifteen years of experience in the field of climate change and sustainability. He became familiar with the emission allowance allocation and trade practice working at the German Emissions Trading Authority and later participated in the development of allocation plans for the German industry and power plant sector. Meanwhile, he was leader of the Hungarian organisation of the Knowledge of Innovation Community responsible for climate protection at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as well as founder of several civil initiatives. A number of Hungarian enterprises and institutions consulted him for advice on emission trade and carbon management.

Working for the government from 2012 to 2016, he has been responsible for shaping EU and international climate policies. He participated in and was responsible for allowance trading in Hungary's second and third trading period in the EU. Under his professional leadership, Hungary was the first among the EU member states to endorse and incorporate the Paris Agreement.

At Deloitte, he is the leader of sustainability service line and such projects for our key corporate clients, including climate risk assessment, ETS regulatory and financial reviews, environmental due diligence projects, the coordination of sustainability reports and assurance, energy audits as well as the assessment of eligibility for related tax incentives.