Lajos Antal

Cyber Risk Services

Partner, Regional Lead Partner

Lajos Antal

Dózsa György street 84/C




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Lajos Antal is the Cyber Risk services leader for Deloitte Central Europe. He has more than 23 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity consulting. He established in Hungary one of the world leading teams in ethical hacking focusing on mission critical European industries. His clients include the world’s leading companies.
Lajos is one of the leading IBM mainframe security specialists in the region.

As part of the cyber security function, in the past 18 years Lajos built a team specialised in incident responses and forensic services. As a result, in addition to penetration testing, his work covers the development of preventive security capabilities as well as real security and other incident handling.

Being trusted by the industry leading organizations, Lajos is the reference in Central Europe for Cyber security and is one of the leading contributors advancing the region’s cyber security capabilities.

His fields of expertise

  • Penetration testing (ethical hacking)
  • Configuration testing of critical infrastructure
  • Forensic reviews
  • Incident responses