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Csaba Mező

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Csaba has over 30 years of experience in the energy industry, a great part of which he spent as a technical executive at various energy service providers. His main fields of expertise include development projects (costs cutting, quality improvement and risk reduction), technical design and development of control systems, technical design, operation and implementation of electricity and gas networks, metering and the reduction of network loss, supervision of regulation activity. His special expertise is in managing large engineering projects, process optimization and introduction of IT systems. Before Deloitte, Csaba worked for a multinational energy company as the Head of Network and was the interim CEO of a network construction company in Jordan.

Key references
• Construction of Project Management Plan for a large investment project
• Development and introduction of a risk-based investment planning system for a domestic gas and electricity company
• Integration of five distribution companies, to operate the separate legal entities in a virtual "one-firm”