Csilla Szalai

Risk Advisory Cyber Risk

Senior Manager

Csilla Szalai

Dózsa György street 84/C




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Csilla Szalai has been with the Cyber Risk Services team of Deloitte Central Europe since 2009.

Having a main focus on managing major projects and liaising with Project Managers and leadership, she has a comprehensive overview of the Cyber projects including Forensic engagements in Hungary.

She is also actively dedicated on executing proper Forensic management solutions, on the distribution of the whistleblowing services of Deloitte and building the incident response capability of the Hungarian Forensic team.

Csilla is also involved in detection of fraud and criminal risk assessment type of projects as well as the development and performance of the ‚Advanced Interview Training’ of the Hungarian Forensic team.

Csilla is holding certificate as a qualified private investigator that also facilitates the successful investigation of suspected fraud and abuse cases.