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A havi hírlevél az általános forgalmi adó, egyéb forgalmi és fogyasztási jellegű adók, vámok és jövedéki adók területéről ismerteti a nemzetközi fejleményeket.


May 2015

Featured articles:


  • Colombia: The Ministry of Agriculture has set an annual limit for the importation of denatured ethyl alcohol (classified by sub-tariff code 2208.90.10.00) under the Northern Triangle Free Trade Agreement.
  • Colombia: The National Tax and Customs Authority and Ministry of Commerce have regulated the minimum descriptions required for the importation of certain goods.
  • United States: Remote seller sales and use tax update: the Marketplace Fairness Act has been reintroduced.

Asia Pacific

  • Australia: The Australian Government has released exposure draft legislation in relation to its previous announcement that GST will be applied to services and digital products supplied by foreign suppliers.
  • Cambodia: Cambodia inaugurates electronic certificates of origin.
  • China: At the Standing Committee Meeting of China’s State Congress on 28 April 2014, Premier Li Keqiang called for improved policies to boost the domestic consumer goods market and urged for specific measures to build a fair import and export environment. Several key measures were specifically mentioned.
  • India: The Lower House of Parliament has passed the Constitution Amendment Bill 2014 to enable the introduction of GST.
  • India: There have been amendments to the Maharashtra Tax Laws (Levy, Amendment and Validation) Act, 2015, including the definitions of ‘sale price’ and ‘purchase price’ and rules regarding returns and assessments.
  • India: The Supreme Court has ruled that the addition of a notional 1% of FOB value for loading, unloading and handling charges for the purposes of customs duty valuation should not apply when the actual handling charges can be ascertained.
  • India: A Dbriefs webcast on GST in India will be held on 9 June.
  • Japan: There is an update on the proposed multiple JCT rate structure.
  • Vietnam: The Ministry of Finance has issued a new circular with guidance on customs procedure, customs audit and supervision, import/ export duty and tax administration for imported and exported goods.


  • Eurasian Economic Union: Introduction of 0% import customs duty rate on certain goods.
  • Eurasian Economic Union: Introduction of antidumping duty on citric acid originating from China.
  • European Union: The EU VAT Expert Group has adopted an Opinion on the EU ‘test case’ on cross-border VAT rulings.
  • European Union: The European Commission has announced its strategy for an EU digital single market.
  • European Union: There will be additional duties on imports from products originating in the U.S. (Byrd Amendment).
  • Denmark: Goods must be exported ‘within reasonable time’ for zero-rating to apply.
  • Denmark: The Government is to enhance the tax authorities’ powers for VAT inspections of foreign e-commerce companies.
  • Finland: Updated written guidance has been published by the Finnish Tax Administration on the VAT treatment of newspapers and magazines, and health care services.
  • France: A list of ‘abusive practices’ and ‘tax schemes’ has been published by the tax authorities.
  • France: The Administrative Supreme Court has been asked for a preliminary ruling on CPSE (tax on electricity).
  • Hungary: The tax authorities have released official guidance on the implementation of the Skandia CJEU decision.
  • Italy: There are updates on a number of MOSS issues.
  • Italy: The Government has approved a draft legislative decree regarding electronic invoicing and the electronic transmission of consideration for retailers.
  • Italy: Further guidelines have been issued regarding the application of the split payment regime.
  • Italy: The Ministry of Economy and Finance has responded to questions about the release of VAT refunds where no VR form has been submitted.
  • Italy: The Supreme Court has ruled on a VAT refund rejection for a dormant company.
  • Italy: The Supreme Court has confirmed the CJEU’s principles on accounting for intra-Community acquisitions.
  • Italy: The Supreme Court has ruled on the right of VAT deduction for a rooms’ rental business.
  • Italy: An amendment has been proposed to the VAT regime for intra-Community movements of goods subject to processing operations/ handing.
  • Italy: The Italian Association of Joint Stock Companies has issued a case study about keeping books for tax purposes in a foreign language.
  • Italy: The tax authorities have issued updated guidelines for letters of intent for certain import transactions.
  • Italy: The customs and tax authorities have provided guidelines regarding the procedure to be applied by ‘net exporters’ for the electronic transmission of ‘dichiarazioni di intento’ (i.e., special declarations that allow purchases or imports to be made without VAT under certain conditions).
  • Italy: A task force from the customs and tax agencies has been working over recent months to analyze the impact of transfer pricing policies on customs valuation.
  • Italy: Customs guidelines on experimental pre-clearing have been updated.
  • Italy: The customs authorities have provided operative guidelines regarding experimental ‘fast corridors’.
  • Kazakhstan: The President of Kazakhstan has proposed the introduction of a sales tax, instead of VAT.
  • Malta: The 2015 Budget Measures Implementation Act has been published, including measures regarding the eco-contribution and excise duty (for ammunition cartridges, tires for motor and commercial vehicles and petroleum oils) and VAT refunds.
  • Netherlands: There has been a final judgment in the CJEU Granton Advertising case.
  • Poland: CJEU judgment on the VAT treatment of supplies associated with property rentals.
  • Poland: The standard VAT rate is to apply to restaurant services.
  • Portugal: The new regime for online betting and gambling in Portugal will enter into force on 28 June 2015.
  • Russia: There have been amendments to the list of technological equipment the import of which is not subject to VAT.
  • Russia: There is now a requirement to provide insurance for risk of damage to third parties for the inclusion of objects of intellectual property in the respective customs register.
  • Sweden: The CJEU has found that Sweden, by failing to exempt from VAT the supply by the public postal services of services and the supply at face value of postage stamps valid for use for postal services within national territory, has failed to fulfil its obligations under the VAT Directive.
  • Turkey: The Ministry of Finance is considering whether to bring electronically supplied services supplied by non-resident businesses to Turkish consumers within the scope of Turkish VAT.
  • Ukraine: Special duties on imports of cars have been halved.
  • Ukraine: The export of rough timber has been temporarily banned.
  • Ukraine: There have been changes in the timeframes for inward and outward processing of certain goods.
  • United Kingdom: The results of Deloitte UK’s third survey of indirect tax professionals are now available.
  • United Kingdom: The Court of Appeal has released its decision in Littlewoods Limited and others, the lead case on whether compound interest should be paid on VAT repayments by the tax authorities
May 2015
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