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Deloitte Greenhouse: Singapore

Analytics for Smarter Decision Making

Corporate leaders learn about the power of analytics

The client’s challenge

Many top-management executives have read about analytics and Big Data being the next frontier in business. Many understand the significance behind analytics, but few have the know-how or a clear plan to implement data-driven decision making in their organization, or even in their domain. At the same time, while there are plenty of analytics courses out there, most focus on technical skills, analytics execution, and lectures; none of which appeal to senior corporate leaders nor address their needs.

Deloitte’s solution

Deloitte Greenhouse team in Singapore team has designed Analytics for Smarter Decision Making: a one-day analytics workshop for senior leaders. It demystifies analytics at a strategic level and helps participants understand what it can do for them. The workshop uses a unique learning approach using minimal lecture and slides, and showcases analytics case studies and solutions across a variety of contexts.

A unique aspect of the workshop is that it uses cutting-edge technologies that allow participants to interact directly with the Art of the Possible in analytics. They engage with visualizations at a personal level, and ‘touch’ the data on large touchscreens that host dynamic and interactive analytics solutions.

There is also a strong emphasis on analytics application as opposed to analytics theory or execution. Throughout the day, participants work with each other to build out an analytics action plan for their business, function, or organization.

Impact on client’s business

As of October 2014, nearly 60 leaders from 45+ organizations across Asia have participated in the workshop, which is held every two months. Participating companies have ranged from the world’s largest MNCs to local SMEs, government agencies to private players, and companies that are world leaders in analytics to those that only use MS Excel to manage their data. Many have embarked on major analytics initiatives as a result of their attendance, while others have implemented simple yet effective steps to making their team’s decision making more data driven.

Client Testimonials

“I learned more about analytics in this one day than I did in all my previous experience.”
Principal, Rio Tinto

"Understanding the power of analytics can be so exciting, useful, and relevant to (articulating) company strategies and questions to be answered”
Yap Sook Hua, Consumer Planning, Guinness AB (Malaysia)

“(The session) brought to life a boring topic and illustrated the art behind the science.”
ChamLark Ang, Head of Asia-Pacific HR Service Delivery, Rolls Royce

“Passionate presenters – thought provoking.”
Staffing Lead (SEA and China), Google

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