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SEA Games 2015 Blog

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This blog tells the stories of our people who are on the SEA Games 2015 journey. From the management team, to organizing committee, volunteers, and our athletes, each one of them will walk a different path but ultimately it will converge towards a common goal – one of pride and glory, with dreams in hand.

10 December 2014

Micky’s Story
Micky Lin, Clients & Markets Assistant Manager & Team Singapore Netball captain

When I started playing netball in primary school, never did I expect to be where I am today – captaining Singapore’s national netball team.

I did not set out to be a national athlete: I simply loved to play the sport. Making the national team came quite naturally as I got ‘addicted’ to the sport while progressing through school, club and national age groups teams.

Netball is not just a sport for me. It’s my passion, my love and my life. The journey for the love of my sport has not always been smooth, but the support and trust from my family, friends and fans, play an important role in helping me get where I am today. My family’s support comes in the form of the freedom they extend to me to pursue my passion and I am honoured that my coach and teammates trusted me to appoint me as the captain of the team and lead them into our competitions – including the 2015 SEA Games.

However, if you take a poll of the netball ladies as to who is the most injury-prone player, I am certain to be the front runner! Injuries are part and parcel of an athlete’s life but it’s my love for the sport that I press on, no matter how long the road to recovery takes. For those who wish to join the sport, do not worry: we are definitely taught to be careful on the court. It’s not a dangerous sport!

SEA Games is the most prestigious sporting event for the region. However, netball is not a permanent feature in the Games. I am glad that in Singapore’s edition - the 28th SEA Games - netball is part of the line-up. If all goes to plan, this will be the first time that I would represent Singapore in the SEA Games in my 10 years of playing for the national team. As the current Asian champions, it is very important that we win the SEA Games and retain our title. It is not going to be an easy ride for us, with Malaysia coming up strongly and narrowing the score-line between us over the past few years. Despite the challenges ahead, I trust that the Team Singapore netball team has the right competencies and support groups to make this happen.

I joined Deloitte in October this year and as I begin my journey with the firm, I am very grateful for the support that my Deloitte supervisors and colleagues have given me; allowing me to juggle work and practices as well as competitions like the Nations Cup, which is happening this week. It is always special to compete here in Singapore because of the support from family, friends, colleagues and fans.

For me, the SEA Games is a moment in history not only for our sport, but also for each of us as individuals and for the whole of Singapore. I am determined to make our nation and our supporters proud. Every time I step on the court at a competition, the cheers spur me on and make me want to play my best for my team and my nation, as we share a common love for the sport and for Singapore. I am sure the atmosphere at the SEA Games will be incredible - from the soft, gentle words of encouragement from friends and colleagues to the thunderous cheers in the stands, it can pump up our adrenalin and help us win the game. A home tournament comes with higher expectations and pressure to perform, but I think it is well worth it for the chance to win a gold medal on our home soil.

I am looking forward to leading the team into the SEA Games arena, and I’m glad that I will be able to compete in the Games together with my fellow Deloitte national athletes and with the support of the friends, family and colleagues around me.


Click and watch Team Singapore’s video – Your Voice Changes The Game, featuring Micky Lin and Charmaine Soh and the Team Singapore Netball squad.

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