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Intercepting consumer behaviour shifts in Indonesia

Indonesia, with its 247 million inhabitants, is the fourth most populous country in the world and the largest consumer market in Southeast Asia. With strong economic growth averaging 5.4% per annum over the past 13 years, and equally promising projections of continued growth over the next five years, Indonesia is expected to emerge amongst the top five largest economies by 2030. Its middle class alone is expected to grow in size by 80-90 million in the next 15 years, chalking up almost USD 1 trillion in consumption – a market that companies cannot afford to ignore.

Understanding the Indonesian consumer, their needs and preferences – now and in the foreseeable future – will be imperative to harness the opportunities in the market. In this publication, we present insights on Indonesian consumer attitudes and behaviours, leveraging on the results of Deloitte’s survey that covered 2,000 households across five major cities across the country, perspectives and analysis of Deloitte’s consumer business specialists, and our experiences working with clients in Indonesia.

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Deloitte Consumer Insights
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