Best Managed Companies Awards 2022

Congratulations to the winners of Indonesia’s Best Managed Companies 2022

PT ACE Hardware Indonesia Tbk


A leading Indonesian home improvement and lifestyle retailer, PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk (ACES) has more than 220 stores in 50 cities and supports an online presence mainly through Ruparupa. ACES also owns a subsidiary in toys with the brand name of Toys Kingdom. They are part of the Kawan Lama Group.



PT Great Giant Pineapple


Great Giant Foods produce high quality fresh and processed fruits, juices, livestock, and dairy products, from 34,000 hectares of land in Indonesia. One of their business units, Great Giant Pineapple, is the the world’s largest vertically integrated processed pineapple producers. They export canned pineapple to more than 60 countries, with 25% global canned pineapple market share.



PT Indesso Primatama


Indesso is the largest Indonesian natural-based aroma, food, and functional ingredients provider with a global reach. From humble beginnings in the 1960s as a clove oil distiller, Indesso's extensive product portfolio now includes essential oils, aromatic chemicals, natural extracts, food and functional ingredients as well as savory solutions. All are produced in a traceable and sustainable way with a distribution of more than 2,000 commercial customers in Indonesia and more than 50 countries globally.


PT Mowilex Indonesia


PT Mowilex Indonesia is a leading producer of premium paints and coatings in Indonesia. Commencing in 1970, Mowilex has pioneered environmentally-friendly practices. They were the first to manufacture water-based paints and the first certified carbon-neutral manufacturer in Indonesia, producing zero- and low-VOC paints in modern colors.



PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk


Pakuwon Jati is engaged in all facets of property development, including: land acquisition, design and project management, sales and commercial leasing, marketing and the operational management of retail, office and residential developments. Pakuwon Jati is a pioneer of the “superblock” concept in Indonesia, a large-scale integrated mixed-use development of retail shopping mall, office, condominium and hotel.



PT Industri Jamu Dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk


Sido Muncul is the leading herbal remedy (jamu) and consumer health company in Indonesia. Supported by a vertically integrated 36-hectare manufacturing complex in Semarang and a distribution network of 122 branches across the nation, Sido Muncul is the largest and most modern herbal remedy manufacturer in the country. Renowned for their jamu products such as Tolak Angin and Tolak Linu, they continue to innovate in herbal-based products that bring benefits to the community and the environment.




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