Road to IPO

Learn more about IPOs, pros & cons and important considerations for a successful IPO journey

What is an IPO?

Initial Public Offering or IPO is a corporate action in which a portion of the company’s shares are released for the first time and sold to the public so that shares are no longer controlled by the private sector.

What is an IPO for?

Access to market for additional capital with a relative low cost
Accelerate company’s growth and increase the company’s value
Improve company’s reputation and tax incentives

Pros and Cons for an Initial Public Offering

Access to capital

  • Efficient access to capital on an ongoing basis
  • Liquidity of shares
  • Increased prestige and reputation
  • Good Corporate Governance (GCG)
  • Attract and retain key personnel
  • Potential reduced tax rate

For more information on "2019 Trade Value and Market Capitalisation per Industry Sector" and an overview of "Increasing Numbers of Listed Companies in IDX", please download the brochure.


  • Transparency of information to public
  • Dilution of control and reduced autonomy
    - pressure for (short term) performance
    - ongoing expenses to comply with listed company obligations

IPO Journey


  • Financial Readiness - Have you built a sustainable business position? 
  • Growth Story - Have you established a robust and strong business plan? 
  • Governance & Accounting - Have you established a sustainable governance and financial reporting infrastructure? 
  • Structure - Have you achieved an optimum shareholding and corporate structure? 
  • Tax - Have you obtained the most efficient tax planning and identified historical tax health? 
  • Legal - Have you run the business in compliance and adhering with the applicable laws and regulations?

For more information, please download the brochure

IPO Execution

  • Supporting Professionals 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Internal Approval & Documentation 
  • Financial Position 
  • Listing Structure 
  • Tax & Legal 
  • Roadshow & Book-building

For more information, please download the brochure


  • Strategy - How do you continuously develop your core functions and maximise your existing strengths? 
  • Expansion - Have you established an optimum financing road-map to support your expansion and investment plan? 
  • Defense - Have you established strong governance to optimise your resources and technology, protect your reputation and manage stakeholders’ interest?

For more information, please download the brochure.

Road to IPO
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