FSIReview: Issue 8


FSIReview: Issue 8

Looking forward to 2015

In many ways, the financial services industry is on more solid footing than it has been for quite some time. While the economic outlook for 2015 seems encouraging, institutions are expecting to face challenges in varied aspects from regulatory reforms to technological developments. At the dawn of 2015, many will wish that they have the power to make predictions and plan ahead of time: to get you started, we have identified several topics and focus areas that are of importance to the industry in preparation for the new year.

In this issue, we present the 2015 outlook for banking and capital markets along with focus areas for review. Later on, we take a look at the significance of governance, risk management and compliance practices to an institution’s success. Next, we discuss the evolving landscape of Financial Crime Compliance and suggest improvement opportunities for implementation. Also in this issue, we address the key developments in the Basel framework and articulate trends, challenges and implications for 2015 and beyond. Finally, we analyse the BEPS Action Plan 13 and its effect on the Financial Services Industry.

Issue 8 - January 2015
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