The genesis of 'Modern Work' starts here

Work as we know it today is vastly different from how it was even just a few years ago. We wanted to understand more on how individuals are coping with the new work norm. When asked “How do you feel at work lately?”, the most common response that we get from executives, middle-level managers and other white-collar workers is – “I’m overwhelmed” As we analyse the reasons why more and more people feel this way since COVID-19 began, we see that the predictions about the future of work are all becoming a reality.

But isn’t it ironic that we call it the “Future of Work”, and yet it is our current reality – disrupting our way of working, thinking and being?

We are currently being disrupted by external forces such as technology, economy and societal changes which are unpredictable and that we have no control over. So, what are we supposed to do in the meantime, while our organisations and government struggle to chart out the next course of action?

This is what brought about the genesis of the ‘Modern Work’ and it is geared towards YOU and I. The 10 rules of modern work can help us navigate this new world of work and achieve success, happiness, and fulfilment. Apply them to our day-to-day activities to build a fulfilling and successful work regardless of disruptive external forces that we may experience.

The 10 rules of modern work

We have categorised the 10 rules of modern work into 4 main categories. Click on each category below to read more on each rule and start applying them to your daily activities to achieve success, happiness and fulfilment.

Rules of control

Rules of awesome

Rules of growth

The one golden rule

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