Digital LED BY HR

Build awareness – Build capability – Build sponsorship

The HR function is caught right in the middle of unprecedented changes – changes in business, the workforce and the external environment. Many of these disruptions are related to digital, not just technology – and often involves a very different way of operating HR!

HR teams need to start asking three fundamental and profound questions as they define their respective agendas in the quest for ongoing relevance:

1. How is digital disrupting HR today and what does the future look like?
2. Where to start, and how to take others along on the journey?
3. How can HR take the lead and serve as a role model to the rest of the organisation to thrive in a continuously disruptive environment?

The Digital LED BY HR is an activation series will guide you in this journey, through three overarching themes.

1. DIGITAL MINDSET – The digital approach to managing, organising, and leading change
2. DIGITAL HR – Reimagining HR and the Employee Experience in a digital world
3. DIGITAL LEADERSHIP – Rethinking leaders’ role & their development in the digital era

Download the brochure to find out more about these three themes, and stay tuned for the first destination of this journey.

Digital LED BY HR
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