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The Deloitte Legal storybook

Experience the future of law today with more than 2,400 smart, inspiring and friendly Deloitte Legal people working in over 80+ countries around the world. Take a few moments to get to know a few of them and what drives them to make an impact that matters.

Life at Deloitte Legal: Making an impact that matters

That is what lawyers at Deloitte Legal set out to do for their clients, communities, and law firm every day. Working here, our lawyers say, is exciting, challenging, and an opportunity to do meaningful work for prestigious clients. Entrepreneurial thinking is welcome—as are a global mindset and a passion to grow, learn, and team across Deloitte’s businesses to solve client issues. And this is why our people say they come to work knowing that they’re with the right law firm.

Life at Deloitte Legal.* Olivier Van Borsel's story

Oliver Van Borsel left a career in banking to pursue his passion: to practice law at a firm that was ready for the future. He chose Laga, Belgium. Three years later, he is in New York City working as a business development manager for the Deloitte Legal Liaison desk. For anyone looking to build a long legal career, Olivier believes, the wise choice is an innovative, global practice that’s ahead of the trends, and that's Laga.

Life at Deloitte Legal.* Nathalie Verthongen's story

Nathalie Verthongen wears two hats. She's a lawyer at Laga, Belgium on the Global Business Tax team, focused on Belgium and International Corporate Tax. She also works part-time as an academic assistant in the Advanced Masters' program at the University of Antwerp—and it was her boss who offered her that job. Laga offers her the flexibility to succeed in both roles, and something perhaps even more important—the opportunity to be herself. Diversity is highly valued here.

Life at Deloitte Legal. Josep Verdaguer's story

A commitment to offering professionals an exceptional talent experience is why Josep Verdaguer is working as a Senior Associate in Corporate Law at Deloitte Legal. He's finding the flexibility to create the career he wants and to tailor it to fit his life experiences. If you're wondering if you should consider a career at Deloitte Legal, Joseph will say, do it. His reasons: the unlimited opportunities to learn, grow, and lead at every point in your career.

Life at Deloitte Legal. Johan Mikaelsson's story

What matters to Johan Mikaelsson? He likes to see things grow and to bring something special to every project and engagement. At Deloitte Legal, he will say, he’s found the right place to do that. Working for a legal practice well-recognized globally and in Sweden on international legal engagements brought Johan to Deloitte Legal. Encouragement, a commitment to success, and the chance to make an impact, he says, are why he is thriving and growing here.

Life at Deloitte Legal.* João Pinheiro da Silva’s story

International experience brought João Pinheiro da Silva to CTSU, a Portuguese independent law firm member of the Deloitte Legal network. As a Principal Senior Manager, he takes on a broad range of legal challenges and works with colleagues from around the world—and João thinks CTSU is the place to be. Why? Inspiring leaders who have made an impact on his career, a culture dedicated to growth and learning, and a non-traditional approach to legal practice.

Life at Deloitte Legal.* Miguel Silva Cordeiro's story

What matters to Miguel Silva Cordeiro most is waking up in the morning, going to work, and feeling he is doing what he is supposed to do. That is why he joined and is now a Senior Associate at CTSU, a Portuguese independent law firm and member of the Deloitte Legal network. His first year, Miguel worked on a 360° evaluation of an insolvent bank. Since then, the opportunities to innovate and grow have kept coming his way.

Life at Deloitte Legal. Alicia Espinosa's story

Ask Alicia Espinosa why Deloitte Legal Spain is a great place to work, and she’ll tell you it’s the environment that encourages authenticity and innovation, respects well-being, and supports her work-life choices. A Senior Associate in the litigation department for the Las Palmas practice, Alicia specializes in mercantile and civil proceedings. Opportunities to work with high-profile clients and colleagues from around the world and a supportive leadership team keep Alicia growing in her career.

Life at Deloitte Legal. Tim Baart's story

The legal practice of the future; that, says Tim, is Deloitte Legal. International coverage, advanced technologies, teaming legal and business professionals, and respect are the key elements of Deloitte Legal. As a Corporate M&A lawyer at Laga in Belgium, Tim serves high-profile clients. As a Talent & Learning Leader, he helps build excellent lawyers, bringing together professionals from different countries at Deloitte University to build skills and connections for life.

Life at Deloitte Legal. Patricia Hierro's story

The opportunity to grow is what brought Patricia to Deloitte Legal in Spain. Manager of the Litigation Department for the Bilbao practice, she has been helping prestigious clients with complicated issues and strengthening her skills since she came on board. Teamwork and cross-business collaborations are cornerstones of Deloitte Legal’s client service approach—and innovation and entrepreneurship are highly valued. Looking to jumpstart your legal career? Patricia’s advice is submit your CV.

Life at Deloitte Legal.* Joana Mota Agostinho's story

Out-of-the-box thinking is Joana's specialty. She leads the CTSU team in Portugal tackling global technology, media, and telecommunications industry legal issues, and her job is all about innovation. International projects have her working with colleagues and clients from around the world, and bringing her global view to everything she does makes a big impact for her, her team, and her clients.

Life at Deloitte Legal. Klaus Gresbrand's story.

There’s a revolution going on in law, says Klaus, and Deloitte Legal is the place to be. The changing environment generates a growing demand for non-traditional legal service providers. Working with Deloitte tax, financial advisory, consulting, and technology people to provide legal services is business as usual for Klaus. That and the prestigious clients, honest people, great projects, and opportunities to grow are why Klaus is building his career here.

Deloitte Legal means the legal practices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms or their affiliates that provide legal services. For legal, regulatory or other reasons not all member firms provide legal services.

*CTSU – Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL, SA, is an independent law firm member of Deloitte Legal network. "Deloitte Legal" means the legal practices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms or their affiliates that provide legal services. For legal and regulatory reasons, not all member firms provide legal services.

**Laga BV CVBA is an independent law firm, member of the Deloitte Legal network. "Deloitte Legal" means the legal practices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms or their affiliates that provide legal services. For legal and regulatory reasons, not all member firms provide legal services.


Deloitte Legal: The right deal at the right time

Deloitte Legal leads with purpose, values, and innovation, solving complex issues for our clients and communities.





Leading the way in legal services

Deloitte Legal is part of one of the largest professional services firms in the world and delivers legal services to an impressive roster of clients across many industries. Disruption is the rule for the legal market, and Deloitte Legal is meeting demand with innovative, technology-enabled and integrated services. Empowering the people who work with us to succeed, and helping clients to navigate challenges and thrive in this complex environment are our strengths. 



An unparalleled talent experience

Changes in the legal industry have created unprecedented opportunities for Deloitte Legal and for new graduates and experienced legal people looking to join a formidable, global legal practice. With access to a high-quality portfolio of clients, and a network of colleagues across borders and business functions, Deloitte Legal encourages an environment where professionals gain valuable business skills and foster meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues around the world.



The opportunity to reach new heights

Entrepreneurially-minded. Opportunistic. Driven to make a difference. Looking to broaden their skills and their reach. That’s how Piet Hein Meeter, Deloitte Global Leader – Deloitte Legal, describes the 1,700 legal people he works with around the globe. If Piet Hein’s description also sounds like you, he is confident you have the potential to succeed at Deloitte Legal. 

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