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Find out more about the services that Hermawan Juniarto & Partners offers.

Hermawan Juniarto & Partners provides a wide range of services such as capital market, mergers & acquisition, corporate & commercial, licensing etc.

Capital Market

All capital market transactions require high-qualified professionals who possess in-depth understanding of capital market structure with deep and broad experience across the capital market transactions.

Hermawan Juniarto & Partners advises companies on a broad range of capital market transactions, such as initial public offering, bond issuance and right issue.

Mergers and acquisition

Mergers and acquisition transactions demand qualified and reliable legal assistance for it to be able to run smoothly and within the corridor of prevailing laws and regulations. Completing a merger or acquisition transaction of an Indonesian company primarily requires compliance with Indonesia's Company Law and the foreign investment regulations.

Hermawan Juniarto & Partners are equipped with the experience in the areas such as legal due diligence, restructuring services, post-transaction services to understand the clients' needs and issues.

Corporate & Commercial

As Indonesia becomes the investment destination for international investors accompanied with its still-growing economics, various industries each with their own unique matters and issues demand reliable legal assistance to make sure every corporate action and transaction are within the corridor of the prevailing laws and regulations, all while incorporating clients' business objectives.

With extensive experience in representing wide-range of clients from start-ups, private or government owned companies, to international companies and industries from tech, bank to energy, our lawyers have been actively contributing and involved in many national and multinational high-profile projects. We combine technical capabilities, industry knowledge and creativity to provide trusted and reliable comprehensive corporate and commercial services to solve our clients' legal matters.


Indonesia has become one of the prominent countries to invest and to start new business. One of the biggest challenges is to comply with the Indonesian laws and regulations. There are permits and licenses that are required to perform industry-specific business activity. The types of permits and licenses required depends upon which and where the business will be formed and the type of business activity.

Hermawan Juniarto & Partners advises and assists companies in obtaining various types of license in cross-business sectors.

Banking and Finance Practice Group

International financial market continues adjusting to fast-paced changes in economic, political and regulatory environment. Developing groundbreaking ideas and solutions to the ever-changing market is the key to stay ahead of the competition.

Combining comprehensive understanding with a sound knowledge on local and international business practices, our lawyers consistently deliver high standard of service. We take pride in the depth of our service coverage—advising clients in innovative lending transactions, bank products, credit products, deal structures, issues and alternatives, and on all types of secured transactions.

Infrastructure and Project Finance

Infrastructure investment is critical to every developing country to facilitate and spur economic growth by providing better connectivity and enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Hermawan Juniarto & Partners goal is to help government, private sector, and relevant stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome of their interests by aligning our services with relevant regulatory framework and international best practice to meet the objective of respective parties.

Regulatory and Policy

Indonesia has attracted potential investment from all over the world. To respond to that interest, it is important for investors to have full understanding on the Indonesia's unique regulatory framework and challenges in order to achieve a competitive advantage and minimize regulatory risks. On the other hand, it is also important for the Government to develop regulations that can protect the interest of the people of Indonesia and allow investors to have business in Indonesia simultaneously in order to increase the economy.

The Regulatory and Policy Practice Group at Hermawan Juniarto & Partners are lawyers with experience in public sectors and can guide both the government and private sectors including investors to have a better understanding on any types of regulatory issues.

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Hermawan Juniarto & Partners understands that dispute resolution is currently becoming a major concern to foreign investors and business participants, thus our Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group focuses on developing areas that are required to protect and maximize our clients' investment and businesses. Our practice group focuses on Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring, Civil Litigation and Commercial Litigation, Employment and Labor Dispute, and Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Hermawan Juniarto & Partners understands that in the face of Indonesia's complicated employment regulatory environment, client needs lawyers with an in depth technical and practical experience. Our Employment Practice Group focuses on developing areas which are needed by our clients who seek strategic advice on complex issues in Indonesia's employment landscape. Our practice group focuses on employment agreements, work permits and related governmental approvals for foreign workers, collective bargaining arrangements, company regulations, and pension, benefits and termination.

Intellectual Property

Hermawan Juniarto & Partners understands that the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) is a major concern to our clients and thus our IP practice group is fully knowledgeable. Members of our IP practice group have either received specialised training or obtained significant IP experience that enables them in order to efficiently and effectively counsel and assist clients, both domestic and overseas. The lawyers practice on all aspects of IP law that includes registration, maintenance, franchising and enforcement of trademark, copy-right, patent, IP transfer and industrial design.

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