21st Century Health Care Challenges: A Connected Health Approach

Megatrends in Health Care

The study is the first research publication on eHealth industry in the country developed by Deloitte Indonesia, Bahar Law Firm, and Chapters Indonesia Sehat with the purpose to strengthen the eHealth infrastructure for the public goods.


With the fourth largest population in the world, Indonesia has a potential in the development of digital health technology (eHealth). The technology is expected to facilitate the people of Indonesian to gain health access more easily, which will be a benefit for more than 260 million people who lived in 17.504 islands spreadly in the country. Along with the growing eHealth industry in the country, Deloitte Indonesia, Bahar Law Firm, and Chapters Indonesia are starting to conduct a study on eHealth industry, which covers the industry growth, various type of eHealth business and services, applications, the use of technology as part of the hospital services, existing infrastructure, legal comparative studies in several countries, and a proposed road map of the eHealth development in Indonesia.

The digital revolution in health sector is driven by eHealth development and innovation, which leads to the peer to peer approach that enable the users to share and looking for latest information, long distance-consultation with medical practitioner, which include e-prescribing, and sharing patient’s health documents sharing. The digital health development will lead to open health technology, where the users are able to have open access to more convenient ways in approaching health services. On the other side of the coin the peer to peer (P2P) technology has an issue on the data security that can give a serious impact in the technology utilization. This issue can make a serious impact in the eHealth business continuity. The team has conducted study comparation in infrastructure and regulation with other countries, where eHealth become part of the daily life and the result shows that the business, government, association, and other related stakeholders should work together to prepare proper infrastructure and regulation to protect the users (community) and business players in the industry.

This first eHealth study publication on eHealth in Indonesia is expected to support the government’s effort to develop and strengthen the eHealth infrastructure in the country.

21st Century Health Care Challenges: A Connected Health Approach
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