The future of Life Sciences and Health Care in Asia Pacific

Embrace, Build and Grow

Given that quality, outcomes, and value are the new buzzwords for the Life Sciences and Health Care industry, stakeholders around the globe are looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to deliver patient-centric, technology-enabled solutions to patients both inside and outside hospital walls.

In particular, emerging technologies – such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and Blockchain – are creating transformative opportunities for the industry, as scientific achievements continue at their record pace. In a myriad of ways, these technologies are helping to drive change by making health care delivery less expensive, more efficient, and more accessible, while lowering costs, increasing speed, and enabling greater flexibility in the life sciences sector.

On a macro level, we see many global trends play out similarly in the Asia Pacific region. However, we must ultimately keep in mind that the region is a collection of markets with very diverse sets of demographics, regulatory environments, and disease profiles – and such disparities are often indicators that a varied array of unmet patient needs exist within the region.

In this report, we detail several imperatives that we believe forward-looking Life Sciences and Health Care companies should consider. Specifically, they should Embrace exponential changes in technology and the shift from volume to value; Build a patient-centric focus and the new currency of data; and Grow new partnerships, operating models, and the workforce of the future.

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