Disruptive innovation for distinction


Transforming the healthcare landscape in Singapore

Disruptive innovation for distinction

A GovLab report

No matter how abundant, healthcare as a resource is inherently scarce. Consumers, healthcare providers and policymakers alike find themselves constantly having to make tradeoffs between affordability, access, quality and sustainability. These are not easy decisions. But perhaps, with the help of disruptive innovation, some of them may become easier.

In this report, we examine four recent disruptive innovations that are reshaping tradeoff decisions and the resulting healthcare landscapes in different parts of the world. Take, for an instance, a patient facing the decision between going to a public hospital with lower prices but longer wait times, or going to a private healthcare provider with shorter wait times but higher prices. Which should he or she choose? As you will see later in this report, this decision might soon become a thing of the past, with the introduction of a solution that offers both lower prices and shorter wait times.

In essence, that is how disruptive innovation has the potential to transform Singapore’s healthcare landscape: it offers a way to achieve the elusive goal of getting more for less. At a time with skyrocketing healthcare costs and bottlenecks in healthcare delivery systems, these innovations may just be the panacea we need.

Later, we also explore the possibility of implementing these innovations in Singapore’s context and the considerations that will need to be made in order to transform its already successful healthcare landscape into the distinctive one that it can and should be.

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Disruptive innovation for distinction
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