Blue Book of Good Governance. A SMART Guide. Edition 2016


Blue Book of Good Governance. A SMART Guide. Edition 2016

The Deloitte Blue Book of Governance, includes the SMART Toolkit, the Business Model Audit and the introduction of our Deloitte Dashboard & Reporting mobile application, these are some of the enhancements we create to continuously deliver value to the business community.

The Singapore SMART Nation Vision is aimed at, among others, to improve the lives of its citizens and empowering the people and businesses with technology. This Vision is aptly timed as technology is increasingly pervasive in all aspects of all lives. The essence of SMART is anchored in connectivity and the ability to make sense of data towards contribution in forming of solutions. At the same time, in order to realize the SMART Nation Vision, good governance, infrastructure and capabilities were recognized as fundamental building blocks.

At Deloitte Risk Advisory, we are cognizant on the strategic importance of the SMART Nation agenda to the nation as well as the business community at large. Our SMART Governance initiative is to harness technology, riding on our fundamental professional expertise, to deliver values to our clients in a world where businesses are continuously disrupted by innovations, chiefly with technology or via restructured business models.

Governance and risks are two sides of the same coin and remain a cornerstone for businesses seeking growth as well as exploring innovations. This Blue Book of Governance aims to provide users with a guide to be Risk & Governance SMART while introducing the innovative Business Model Audit. We are also unveiling the SMART Ecosystem which is our technology take in connectivity and the ability in making sense of data to deliver value to our clients.

The key takeaways from this Blue Book of Governance:

  • Addressing fundamentals with our SMART concept of Sensing, Mitigating, Accepting & Acknowledging, Remodeling and Transform
  • Proposition in innovating business models with Business Model Audit
  • Introduction to SMART Ecosystem

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Blue Book of Good Governance. A SMART Guide. Edition 2016
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