Director’s Quarterly update


Director's Quarterly update

Through the eyes of the board

The Director’s Quarterly is an e-publication aimed at exploring the challenges of practicing corporate oversight and governance in a world of change, and helping directors increase their relevance of the role they play and the work they do to ensure that their companies continue to create value for their stakeholders.

Issue 4

April 2016

In this edition, we look at the value of embedding diversity of thought – as well as diversity of people – as a healthy way to challenge the status quo and help directors view issues through a new lens. We also take a look at how independent board members can bring a different and wider range of perspectives to private and family-owned businesses.

With the change in the leasing accounting standard, we will explain how the new IFRS 16 Leases accounting standard will impact businesses and the potential issues to look out for to reduce implementation costs and compliance risk.

Finally, we look at how the 2016 Budget can help lay the foundations beyond SG50 for possibly challenging years to come, and how Singapore’s workforce while an ageing one, can become an ageless one through lifelong learning and remaining relevant.

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Director’s Quarterly Update - Issue 4
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