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On the board’s agenda | June 2015

Organisational talent

In today’s business world of new advancements and shifts in technology, globalization and demographics, boards of directors face the challenge of ensuring their organization is effectively and appropriately aligning themselves to succeed in this challenging environment.

On the board’s agenda is a new series of articles that will share insights on how boards can move their organizations forward, both cohesively and successfully, while facing the challenges of today. Each issue will examine a single topic in detail, and will include the perspectives of a Deloitte professional with deep expertise in the subject matter as well as the views of an experienced external director.

This edition focuses on the board’s role with regards to talent. This article delves into our experts’ views on topics such as the board’s role in succession planning, the need for a Human Resource Appetite Statement, the constant evolution of technology, and the demographics of the workforce.

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