Smart Governance Services

Assurance. Technovation.

The House of Governance and its system serves to safeguard the trust which provides businesses the assurance they need in their survival and their success.


The Smart Governance initiative will develop a Smart Governance model and a set of smart capabilities including the new computerassisted audit techniques (CAATs) that will help to automate auditing and assurance processes.

These technologies include software that improve data analyses and network security, allowing Deloitte auditors to perform their tasks with greater efficiency and seek continuous improvement through innovation.

Smart Governance Services

Thought leadership

Blue Book of Good Governance. A SMART Guide. Edition 2016

The Deloitte Blue Book of Governance, includes the SMART Toolkit, the Business Model Audit and the introduction of our Deloitte Dashboard & Reporting mobile application, these are some of the enhancements we create to continuously deliver value to the business community.

More info on this page: Blue Book of Good Governance. A SMART Guide. Edition 2016

Thought leadership

Smart Governance in a Smart Nation

A Singapore perspective

SMART Governance initiate’s first thought paper will explore Singapore as the SMART nation and introduce us to the Deloitte’s SMART Governance 3.0 model. In realizing the principles of SMART Governance, professional risk specialists are looking towards leveraging the latest technology capabilities to bring about an ease of access of governance related information and solutions. Essentially, the SMART Governance model enable the House of Governance.

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Thought leadership

Risk Management in a VUCA Environment

Our risk approach starts off by understanding our business environments which falls under these concepts volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). VUCA can reveal the roadblocks that companies’ journey through to reach their objectives. Increasingly, VUCA changes how organisations view the world, interact with each other, and respond to their environments.

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