Sustainability in Supply Chain & IT


Sustainable Supply Chain

Driving sustainable practices across the supply chain

Market demand for sustainable and transparent supply chains are increasing globally. Sustainability is not limited to responsible practices within an organisation’s operations but spans the whole value chain, which analytics and information systems can now provide visibility and vital insights into.

We help clients navigate the complex global supply chain landscape to incorporate sustainability into their strategy and operations. Our services include:

  • Understanding and analysing the impact of sourcing and procurement strategies as they relate to issues in supplier engagement, ethical recruitment, closed loop recycling, supply chain transparency, and respect for international human and labour rights
  • Using analytics and information systems to provide timely data that are critical for making informed decisions related to environmental and social performance
  • Benchmarking supply chain operation and suppliers against local and global standards, including industry-specific regulations 
  • Developing business cases to engage stakeholders for their buy-in
  • Developing solutions, including supplier codes of conduct, vendor evaluation and audit, as well as supplier engagement