Mobility Sense: Your Virtual Consultant on Mobility

Retrieve real-time mobility insights to enable data-driven decision making

Problem Statement

The future of mobility landscape and customer behaviours are changing rapidly with new technology, business models, players and partnerships emerging. It is nearly impossible for players to keep track of those changes using traditional static research tools or generic database services.

Key Benefits

  • Customer insights
  • Competitor benchmarking 
  • Mobility ecosystem deep-dive
  • Regulation Analytics

Key Features

Industry first knowledge graph
Specifically created to map the FoM ecosystem

Proprietary NLP algorithm 
Customised for industry domain with multi-language support

Real-time data streaming
Well established pipeline of various data sources

Customisable insights
Specific to industry and clients, with alert functionality

Serverless architecture
Highly scalable to new data, country, and FoM topic

Flexible business model
Users subscribe to only information that interest them

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