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Recent tax alerts

  • April 2022: Tax Alert (English / Korean / Chinese)
    New VAT invoice regulation issued
  • January 2022: Tax Alert (English / Korean / Chinese)
    Implementing regulation on voluntary disclosure program issued
  • November 2021: Tax Alert (English / Chinese)
    Update on tax incentives related to COVID-19 pandemic
  • September 2021: Tax Alert (English / Korean / Chinese)
    Regulation Update on Bonded Zones New regulation issued on transfer of participating interest in an oil and gas block
  • July 2021: Tax Alert (English / Korean / Chinese / Japanese)
    Update on regulations providing tax incentives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • November 2020: Tax Alert 2nd edition (English / Bahasa)
    Indonesia releases further clarifications on Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) process including special considerations for businesses impacted by COVID-19 pandemic
  • July 2020: Tax Alert 2nd edition (English
    Implementing Regulation on Tax Incentives for Gross Split PSC Companies Issued
  • July 2020: Tax Alert (English
    Appointment of VAT Collectors for E-Commerce Parties Delivering Intangible Taxable Goods and/or Services to Customers in Indonesia
  • June 2020: Tax Alert (English
    Tax relief provided for taxpayers contributing to the battle against COVID-19
  • May 2020: Tax Alert (English
    Additional Business Sectors Eligible for Tax Incentives during COVID-19 Outbreak
  • April 2020: 4th edition (English)
    Guidance for Calculation of Monthly Income Tax Installments for Fiscal Years 2020 and 2022.
  • April 2020: 3rd edition (English)
    Tax Reliefs for Medical Goods and Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • April 2020: Transfer Pricing Alert (English / Bahasa)  
    Indonesia releases revised guidance on Advance Pricing Agreements
  • April 2020: 2nd edition (English)
    New Implementing Regulation on Tax Incentives during COVID-19 Outbreak
  • April 2020: Tax Alert FSI edition (English
    New Financial Policies in response to COVID-19 with focus on Financial Services Industry
  • April 2020: Tax Alert (English)  
    New State Financial Policies Announced in response to COVID-19
  • March 2020: Tax Alert 2nd edition (English)
    New Fiscal Measures Announced in response to COVID-19
  • March 2020: Tax Alert (English)  
    Tax Court Service Hours for the Period of 17 March 2020 up to 3 April 2020
  • February 2020: Tax Alert (English)  
    Updates on Indonesia – Singapore Tax Treaty
  • January 2020: Tax Alert (English
    Ratification of Multilateral Instrument in Indonesia
  • December 2019: Tax Alert (English
    Updates on Tax Allowance Facility
  • September 2019: Tax Alert (English
    Updates in the Energy and Resources Sector
  • July 2019: Tax Alert 2nd edition (English)
    Tax Facility for Labour-Intensive Industries and Certain Types of Expenditure
  • July 2019: Tax Alert 1st edition (English)
    New Updates on Indonesian Controlled Foreign Corporation Rules
  • May 2019: Tax Alert (English / Bahasa / Chinese / Korean / Japanese)
    Indonesia releases revised guidance on Mutual Agreement Procedure to align with Action 14 of OECD BEPS project
  • April 2019: Tax Alert (English)
    New Updates on Export Services Subject to Zero-rated VAT
  • February 2019: Tax Alert (English)  
    New Regulation of the Transfer Pricing Documentation to be submitted with the Corporate Income Tax Return
  • September 2018: Tax Alert (English)
    Article 22 Income Tax Rate Hike for Certain Import Goods
  • June 2018: Tax alert (English)
    Extension of Times for Tax Payment and Reporting and The Fulfillment of Tax Obligations During Idul Fitri Holiday 2018
  • April 2018: Tax alert ( English / Bahasa )
    Indonesia Tax Authority launches a portal on Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR)
  • January 2018: Tax alert ( English / Bahasa / Chinese / Korean / Japanese)
    Implementation regulation on Country-by-Country Reports (CbCR)
  • August 2017: Tax alert ( English / Chinese / Korean / Japanese )
    Update on Indonesia Controlled Foreign Corporation Rule
  • March 2017: Customs alert ( English )
    Customs Audit and Litigation
  • March 2017: Business Process Solutions alert ( English )
    Adjusted income cap on mandatory pension contribution and introduction to BPJS Manpower mobile application
  • March 2017: Tax alert ( English / Chinese )
    Extension of Deadline for 2016 Individual Income Tax Returns
  • January 2017: Transfer pricing alert ( English / Bahasa / Japanese )
    Minister of Finance Regulation No. 213/PMK.03/2016
  • July 2016: Tax alert ( English )
    Transfer Pricing Developments
  • July 2016: Tax alert ( English )
    Tax Amnesty Law - Implementing Regulation Issued
  • June 2016: Tax alert ( English / Japanese )
    Indonesian Tax Amnesty
  • November 2015: Tax alert ( English / Japanese )
    Revaluation of Assets for Fiscal Purposes
  • September 2015: Tax alert ( English / Japanese )
    Indonesia's new armour - Thin Capitalization Rules
  • February 2015: Tax alert ( English / Japanese )
    New Ministry of Finance Regulation on Advance Pricing Agreements
  • January 2015: Tax alert ( English / Japanese )
    New Regulation No. 240/PMK.03/2014


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