Global Mobile Consumer Survey


Global Mobile Consumer Survey

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Infographics, Southeast Asia edition

For four years now, Deloitte’s Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) practice has commissioned an annual online survey of consumers across more than 20 countries, titled the Global Mobile Consumer Survey (GMCS). This survey is fielded by an independent research firm, and focuses on consumer behaviours, trends and opinions with regards to a broad range of wireless and mobile products, technologies and services.

In July 2014, Deloitte conducted the fourth iteration of our Global Mobile Consumer Survey to provide unique insights into mobile consumer behaviour with data gathered from 37,000 respondents across 22 locations, including the Southeast Asia (SEA) countries of Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

This year’s survey offers intriguing insights. Some were expected, but others were less anticipated. The key themes for SEA have been extracted and analysed in this report to offer Deloitte’s perspectives on the SEA mobile consumer market to telecommunications companies in the region. 

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