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Making an impact that matters... from behind the screen

Highlights from the 'Launch Your Career' programme

We have all been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in different ways. Amongst the global uncertainty lay 100 interns eager to experience working life behind the name Deloitte. One of the largest professional services firms in the world, it was initially an exciting experience waiting to see working life behind their office walls.

Initially when the Early Careers team told us we would have to move online, I did not know what to expect and was disappointed that I would miss out on experiencing what life was like at Deloitte in person, but on reflection, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  A four-week programme packed with engaging virtual sessions, workshops and discussions giving me and the other interns a real insight into life at Deloitte.

As a participant, I probably have taken for granted the amount of work that has gone into making this virtual programme possible. A very slick operation with so much information at our disposal, presented in a clear, cohesive and engaging manner for us to leverage in our future careers. We were presented details about Deloitte as a global company and its overall goal to make “an impact that matters”.

We were taught employability skills, given a detailed guide of the professional education received by graduates at Deloitte and how to build our professional brand and utilise platforms such as LinkedIn.  We also took part in a business chemistry workshop which made me aware of my own personal working style and how I can adapt myself to get the best out of others now and in my future career. We were involved in interactive business insight sessions which gave me a great understanding of the different service lines and the how each department operates.

My favourite session was the graduate heroes’ panel discussion, which gave us practical information about what our future careers could be like on Deloitte’s graduate programme and general advice for starting our careers. It was great to hear from people I could relate to and who could give us practical advice, as they were recently in our position.


Hearing from graduates, mangers, and directors from different departments as well as hearing about Deloitte’s Corporate Responsibility, diversity, and inclusion initiatives, I got a real sense of the culture at this organisation despite not being in the office. Ambitious and striving for success, with a real emphasis on leadership, but at its core a diverse and inclusive partnership working together to achieve their goals.

There is a great work-life balance and support network within the organisation which allows its employees to pursue personal and professional goals, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised I absorbed all this in my room behind my laptop screen. They are constantly trying to innovate and grow, continuously looking for our feedback in order to improve and this really stood out to me.

It has been interesting observing how the company has transitioned to working remotely due to the pandemic, and being a small part of that change, it has been clear to see how adaptable Deloitte is as an organisation. Despite everything moving online, behind the screens of our phones and laptops, Deloitte, a large global network, was made approachable and a great place to be and will certainly leave a positive impact on me.

I get the sense that Deloitte will continue to make an impact that matters, for themselves, and their clients for the time being and into the future, even from behind their screens.

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Nonso Nzewi

Nonso Nzewi

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