Posted: 23 Sep. 2021 10 min. read

Humans of Deloitte: Raksha from Cyber

Could you tell us a bit about yourself, and your time at Deloitte so far? How did you end up in your current role?

I am originally from Bengaluru, India. I joined Deloitte as a graduate in March 2018 and it has been an amazing journey since then. I work as a Senior Consultant in the Cyber Risk  team. I have had interesting opportunities to get involved in some cool projects since I joined and have worked on some very high-profile engagements, which was a great learning experience and equally challenging. I have loved every bit of my work, and have an amazing team to work with which makes life easier.

I completed my Bachelors in Information Science Engineering and a Masters in Information and Network Security. I get bored easily, so I decided to get into an industry that is dynamic, hence the choice of cyber security - what can be better than this ever-evolving domain to keep you on your toes?

Is there a part of your role you particularly enjoy, or parts of your role you’ve found unexpectedly challenging?

I absolutely love my role; this might sound like I am getting some reward for saying this. But I do. The reason I joined professional services was to get a broad understanding of cyber security concepts before finding my niche. I have had opportunities to work on various types of engagements and to lead many projects, which has augmented my confidence and knowledge about the subject.

All roles have their challenges, life would be boring without them. I can’t think of any specific challenge at the moment, because once an issue is resolved you wouldn’t always think of it as a challenge in hindsight. However, since the cyber industry is constantly evolving, and because we work with clients that rely on our expertise, we have to keep constantly updated to stay relevant. 

The best thing about the role is that it is client-facing, so I get to work with different clients and learn their approaches, understand their problems and provide our services to best address their issues. When you deliver something that is out of the box and when you see your clients happy, that feeling is something that I can’t express in words. And I live for that.

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on? 

I have many favourites, but I worked with a government agency where I single-handedly led and delivered this particular project. I was on the client site for more than three months, working with different teams to understand the organizational structure and infrastructure and how it was managed. It was quite chaotic at first because the client had no processes, standards or documentation in place, so they didn’t have any oversight of what was happening.

I helped them to identify all the gaps and I established a long and midterm plan to address these issues. I got all the stakeholders together and provided them with an understanding of what was happening in the organisation. I am still in touch with the client - they are doing an amazing job now fixing these problems and I love working with them; they are wonderful people. 

What are the main skills you’ve been able to develop at Deloitte so far, and what do you want to focus on next?

I have learnt many things since I joined Deloitte. We engineers sometimes think only technical skills are important in growing our careers and don’t focus much on soft skills. But I have learnt that people skills are equally important. I was a very bad listener before joining Deloitte, but I feel I have improved a lot in that aspect since being here.

My technical abilities have definitely improved as well. Because our senior team members are approachable, they are always there to help if you are having any difficulties in a project. Also, we have a big knowledge repository which we can always make use of and our global network is very helpful. Plus, we get to work on such interesting and cool projects that our technical skills automatically improve!

What would we typically find you doing outside of work?

I paint in my free time, you can find some of my paintings on my Instagram page (@can.colour). I love cooking, baking and trail walking (to burn calories after eating all my delicious food 😊) - plus, Ireland is so beautiful, I am still exploring it!

The theme of our graduate campaign is Humans Wanted. What does being a ‘human being’ at work mean to you?

Technology has changed our lives today. But one thing that technology can’t bring in is human emotion and compassion. We need people from different backgrounds, cultures and skillsets to make our teams strong. This will increase our ability to do what we do best and make an impact that matters.

Are you involved in any of our volunteering or social impact initiatives? If so, could you tell us a bit more about that?

I am part of the Women in Cyber team at Deloitte. This initiative was established to create more learning opportunities for all the individuals in the team and network with prospective team members, as well as to introduce and promote cybersecurity in secondary school education, providing guidance to students about cybersecurity as a potential career option.

The past 18 months have felt tough at times. Despite that, what’s one of your favourite memories from the past year (inside or out of work)?

Loads of good memories in the last few months. But my friend just welcomed a beautiful little ray of sunshine in their lives. Due to the pandemic her family couldn’t make it over to Ireland and I have had a chance to spend some time with them. So, that’s my favourite memory 😊

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