Posted: 27 Jun. 2022 5 min. read

Internship Diaries: Rasheedat, from Cloud Engineering

Rasheedat talks about her Internship experience in Deloitte's Tech Consulting

“When in doubt, ask!”

I worked in the Cloud Managed Services Team within the Cloud Engineering department over the past few months, and I like how interns are treated just like full-time associates and get assigned actual and meaningful tasks which are crucial and beneficial to the team I am assigned to. I gained an insight into how the cloud space works and how to engage with clients who have their cloud environments managed by the team. I still feel a strong sense of achievement in being able to carry out tasks assigned to me.

Throughout my internship experience, I was able to develop and foster a truly positive and compassionate learning path for myself, all through the support of my coach and my buddy who checked in with me on a frequent basis while I was first settling into the team, even the most difficult issues to me were solved quickly, step by step, and in such a natural way that adapting was easy.

Whilst there is a lot of diversity, one thing which everyone knows is that Deloitte encourages people to shape their own career paths, to thrive professionally as well as personally, and to make an impact – this I find very appealing as I evolve in the professional world.

Rasheedat Ajiborisha worked in the Cloud Engineering Department. Our Cloud Services Team works closely with organisations amplifying the transformational value of cloud technology.

It's been a life-changing experience and if there is anyone considering a Deloitte internship, I would strongly advise them to do so!

Also, learning and collaborating within a team improved my technical and soft skills even though I was working at home, I never felt 'alone' because of the team’s continual support and structure.

One of the most important things I learned in Deloitte is “when in doubt, never be afraid to ask”.

Through other networking events such as the multicultural network channels and other development workshops, I created some valuable connections which also impacted me greatly.

I'd want to express my gratitude to everyone who helped make this internship possible; it's been a life-changing experience and if there is anyone considering a Deloitte internship, I would strongly advise them to do so. Every day brings new challenges and possibilities, making it a place where you may learn and improve both personally, academically, and professionally.

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