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What Corporate Responsibility means to Deloitte

For any enlightened business, having a clearly defined approach to the impact of climate change, involvement with local communities, responsible business practices and the creation of a quality workplace environment must be a core part of business strategy. At Deloitte we all share a desire to give something back to society. We are active members of Business in the Community Ireland (BITC), whose mission is to harness the power of Irish business to maximise its positive impact on all its stakeholders and society. 

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Deloitte also partners with a number of community organisations as well as supporting a number of individuals in their volunteering efforts each year.

Deloitte was presented with the Business Working Responsibly Mark by Minister Richard Bruton T.D. in October 2013, and in November 2018, were re-accredited for the second time. The mark is a fitting endorsement of the best practices we have in place in the areas of HR, the environment, customer relationship management, marketing, corporate social responsibility and indeed how we do business overall. Furthermore, the award recognises our clear focus on talent, quality and our responsibility to all of our stakeholders. 

Brendan Jennings, Managing Partner – “The Deloitte network takes time to reflect on our purpose – to make an Impact that matters. This purpose defines who we are. It endures – transcending the everyday and binding us together. It gives us our reasons to exist as an organisation: serving our clients, inspiring our people and contributing to society. It is only by all of us behaving responsibly in everything we do that will earn and retain the respect of the business and the wider community.

Gerry Fitzpatrick, CR Partner – “Our approach to corporate responsibility is shaped by the recognition that, because we are a professional services organization, tourimpact on society comes in large part from the way we serve clients. Accordingly, we seek to achieve excellence and continuous improvement in three ways: conduct - responsible business practices, people – investing in the talent and diversity of the future workforce, and communities – commitment to local communities and shared global challenges.

You can access Deloitte's 2018 Global Impact Report here.

The Business Working Responsibly Mark

The Business Working Responsibly Mark - Audited by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) and based on ISO 26000, this all-encompassing standard certifies responsible and sustainable business practices and is available to organisations worldwide. The Mark assesses best in class in CSR and looks at leadership, policies, practices, performance, and impact in areas such as ethics, stakeholder engagement, employee engagement, customer service, innovation, supply chain management, environmental practices and CSR communications

“Increasingly in tender situations, we get asked around our CSR practices. The mark helps us to tell that story” – Brendan Jennings, Managing Partner.

WorldClass - 50 million futures prepared for a world of opportunity

Deloitte aspires to reach 50 million futures by 2030, in-line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Inspired by the promise of this industrial revolution, it's acceleration of technology and digitization across all aspects of life present incredible opportunity. We are preparing people, and the organizations they are part of, to be ready for the prosperity and progress it offers. Our work developing leading-edge business solutions, bringing fresh perspectives to clients, and training the next generation of business leaders is an important first step. It is not enough.

Globally, millions have been left behind, unable to fulfil their aspirations and potential. They lack the education, skills, and training needed. This is causing widening inequality, declining productivity, and rising social tensions. This is why we have created WorldClass – an ambitious global initiative that empowers people to be part of this new world economy.

Through this initiative, we are committed to preparing 50 million futures for a world of opportunity. This bold ambition exemplifies how we live our Purpose, making an impact that matters, by addressing complex global challenges in society. By aligning around a common goal and mission, we are inspiring increased commitment and investment in education, skills development, and access to opportunity. Watch the video below to learn more.

Charities we support - Fundraising

At Deloitte, we run a number of fundraising activities during the year to reflect causes that have touched many of our people whether directly or indirectly. Just some of the organisations that we support are Pieta House, The Irish Cancer Society, St. Vincent de Paul, Goal, Nurture Africa, The Irish Hospice Foundation, and many more.


We partner with a number of organisations through which our people can give their time and skills back to the local community. With Suas, volunteers work with our partner school in Warrenmount School, Dublin 8, to read with the same group of students each week, not only does this improve their literacy but also establishes a strong support relationship for the mentees. Our longstanding partnership with the Junior Achievement programme encourages children to stay in school and creates a culture of enterprise within the classroom. Volunteers teach classes from primary through to secondary school showing them how they can contribute to the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers. The Early Learning Initiative works to address the problem of educational underachievement in marginalised communities. We work with ELI in the lower docklands and south of the River Liffey in each of our programmes offered. We also offer computer literacy programmes in partnership with Age Action, where our people spend time allowing learners to get comfortable with their chosen technology, whether it’s a laptop, phone, I-pad, or email. Learners and volunteers benefit from the experience of meeting with new people. 

Overseas Volunteering

Deloitte have partnered with Nurture Africa, an Irish founded, internationally registered non-Governmental Organisation that works in Uganda. Nurture Africa has a targeted focus upon Healthcare, Education, Child Protection & Gender Equality and Economic Empowerment through business training and micro-finance projects.

Their work centres around nurturing the mental, physical and emotional growth and wellbeing of Ugandan HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans and vulnerable children, and their HIV+ parents/guardians.

During Deloitte’s partnership with Nurture Africa, volunteers have travelled to Uganda each year to offer their skills and time to help local organisations to improve their business acumen, in areas such as accounting, excel, and power point, as well as practically, by providing labour to help with local building projects. Volunteers also have the opportunity to meet and spend time with local families and children who have benefitted from the services and facilities provided by Nurture Africa. 


IMPACT Day is our flagship volunteering day that allows our people to give back to the local and surrounding communities by providing their time, labour and expertise to the selected organisations. This one day of IMPACT is a fundamental part of Deloitte's CR Strategy and one of the most popular days of the year for our people to get involved in the CR programme and volunteer. With 775 people taking part in 2017 you can imagine the impact that can be made. Volunteers can choose to partake in professional skills projects, giving their skills to work on matters such as business strategy, websites, or marketing approaches, or traditional volunteering, where volunteers might carry out a cleanup for an organisation, some painting or gardening.

Intern and Co-op IMPACT Day

So that everybody has the opportunity to get involved, we also hold a separate IMPACT Day in July for our interns and co-ops, since many of them might otherwise miss the firm wide day. This day sees over 200 co-ops and interns volunteer on traditional style projects carrying out tasks such as painting, gardening, and cleanups.

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Pro Bono work

At Deloitte we have partnered with Ashoka Ireland who identify high potential social entrepreneurs. Through Ashoka, Deloitte offer support to such entrepreneurs in finding their feet during the first few years of business by offering advice in Audit, Tax and Consulting.

Green Agenda

The Green Agenda initiative is a key component of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Our goal is to promote sustainability and reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. Through our “Think Green” initiatives we are actively engaged in monitoring our impact on the environment and creating awareness amongst our people. Staff participation is key in ensuring that our sustainability programme is a success, so, all staff members are encouraged to put forward their own ideas for a greener office and to ‘Think Green’. Our modern offices employ the most up-to-date energy and waste management practices. We continue to invest in high end IT, communications and printing technologies with a view to making savings in power, cooling, travel and consumption. In 2011, Deloitte became one of the first professional services firms to obtain the ISO 14001-2004 certification for our Environmental Management System, and were re accredited in October 2016 with ISO14001.

Click here to read our environmental policy.

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