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IMPACT Day at Deloitte Ireland

Our commitment to community investment

At Deloitte Ireland, we are proud to be able to offer our people the opportunity to participate in our firm wide initiative that is IMPACT Day. IMPACT Day is our flagship volunteering day that allows our people to give back to local and surrounding communities by providing their time, labour and expertise to the participating organisations. This one day of impact is a key part of Deloitte Ireland’s Corporate Responsibility programme of activities and it's one of the most popular days of the year amongst our people.

Community Investment

In 2019, over 700 of our people took time out of their working week to dedicate to IMPACT Day, by either taking part in a traditional volunteering project or one of the professional skills projects.

In the last number of years, our professional skills projects have become an integral part of IMPACT Day. By utilising our biggest and best asset; our people, we are ensuring a meaningful impact for the charities that we support while enabling our people to volunteer their expertise on matters such as business strategy, website development, marketing and communication approaches as well as GDPR and financial advice with the organisations that mean the most to them.

IMPACT Day, which happens every September falls just after our summer internship and co-op programmes finish. However, to ensure all of our people have a chance to get involved in IMPACT Day, we also facilitate two smaller IMPACT Days during the summer. Co-Op IMPACT Day takes place every May followed by Intern IMPACT Day in July. These two targeted days see over 250 interns and co-ops volunteer on traditional style projects carrying out tasks such as painting, gardening and clean-ups in our local communities.

IMPACT Day 2019

‘At Deloitte, our purpose is to make an impact that matters and many of our people take the opportunity to make an impact in our community, in particular in supporting charities and organisations in providing access to education and skills that might otherwise be unavailable to them. However, IMPACT Day is a really special day, because on this day we commit as many peoples time as we possibly can and give them the opportunity to participate in helping some organisations in developing their facilities and improving the infrastructures that they require to support their clients.’

Harry Goddard, CEO, Deloitte Ireland

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