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Industry Immersion Day

UCD Innovation Academy 

The Results are in! On Thursday 23 March, for the second year Deloitte partnered with the UCD Innovation Academy for an Industry Immersion Day. Students participated in an Innovation Challenge, to tackle real industry specific challenges set by Deloitte Partners.

Deloitte hosted the event in the Dublin offices, in collaboration with the UCD Innovation Academy. The day took the form of a large scale workshop with 100 students from UCD and a further 40 Deloitte people involved.

UCD Industry Immersion Day with Deloitte

The students from UCD were from a variety of degree backgrounds but had all chosen to study an elective in Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurial Endeavour.

The event kicked off at 09.00 with a few words of welcome from Shane Mohan, Partner and Deloitte Innovation lead, and Suzi Jarvis, Founding Director of the UCD Innovation Academy, followed by the students and Deloitte buddies being split into their teams and dispersing to their relevant innovative space in Deloitte for the Day.

Once settled, the first "Empathy" phase began, with members from the Partner, Manager and Director group within Deloitte joining the teams to better understand the problem they had been asked to address, and to carry out some desk research.

Next came defining the problem and the ideation (brainstorming phase), followed by the prototyping phase and pitch preparation.

The teams would be presenting first to an initial internal panel of judges in order to determine which of the two teams from each challenge would go on to present in the final pitches to the external panel of judges consisting of:

  • Richard Howard, Partner  and Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Deloitte
  • Brian Jackson, Partner Financial Services Audit, Deloitte
  • Claire Fitzpatrick, Founder & CFO Red Planet (acquired by Deloitte)
  • Helen Fullen, Pre-Accelerator/Accelerator Leader at NDRC
  • Barbara Diehl, Executive Director, UCD Innovation Academy

The winning challenges were

Challenge 1: Data Integrity 

Technology, Media, Telecommunications (TMT)

In an age of rapid technological change, increasing dominance of social media and the continued movement of services online, society is increasingly reliant on technology, media and telecommunications organisations to ensure our personal data is secure, our news is true and the accuracy, validation and maintenance of data is adequate and reliable both to protect the public and also ensure that business thrives.

Develop a solution to the challenge of protecting the integrity of data information in the technology age.

Winner: TruffleBot

Description: The problem that the team identified was the fact that our personal data is collected online when we use the web (social media, online shopping etc.) and is often used by organizations who package, bundle and sell that information to other organizations for commercial use and you don't know where it is or who is using it. The solution that they came up with was the idea of a Bot that can help you track exactly where in the world the company is based that has your data via a unique identifier code each individual will own. This bot then also alerts you when your data has been sold on, and facilitates you to contact that organization to request that particular data be deleted. 

Challenge 2: The Future of Money

The Future of Money

With the rise of mobile banking services (e.g., the rise of mobile payments (e.g. Apple Pay) and the advent of Bitcoin we now live in an era of 'Digital Money.' Consider how this movement away from physical currency will change our economy and society. For instance what impacts might this have on the banking sector - will we need banks? What impacts might it have on social exclusion?

Identify a problem-to-be-solved and a solution that leverages any aspect of digital money.

Winner: The Stepping Stone Initiative 

Description: The Stepping Stone Initiative is a service for undocumented whereby they receive an e-wallet from a state or local authority by using their retina and fingerprint only. No documents as these may be refugees or whatever. The account holder can transact by receiving money into their wallet or spending money from their wallet. Over time this person may build documentation and apply for loans in the normal way. It's a stepping stone.

Challenge 3: Life Sciences 

Life Sciences

The increase in data and information access, mobile applications, and personal health devices is accelerating the pace of consumer engagement in health care. Increasingly engaged and empowered health-care consumers are demanding services and solutions that are coordinated, convenient, customised, and accessible. Life Science companies focused on traditional markets have lagged in responding to the industry's changing focus towards holistic patient management.

Using Design Thinking develop a solution for how Life Science companies (e.g. pharmaceutical companies, medtech companies) can re-frame their engagement strategies for operating in a new, customer-centred, digital ecosystem?

Winner: KeyChain

Description: The winning team for Challenge 3 presented 'keychain' - a 12 digit alpha-numeric code that unlocks your health history. So whether you're just visiting a city and have an emergency, or are a college student living away from home for a few years... you can pop in to any local GP or hospital and using your unique, individual, code they will have fast, SECURE, access to your health records. Once they're in your record, they can update and add to your record, which 'locks' up again once you have been attended to. 

Congratulations and thank you to all who were involved on the day, we are already looking forward to next year! 


Congratulations and thank you to all who were involved on the day, we are already looking forward to next year! 

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