End-to-end Assurance Solutions 

Assurance is the insight we provide and the trust our work inspires. We leverage the skillsets of accounting professionals to enhance stakeholder confidence in client decisions that drive markets and organisations. We provide Assurance on complex accounting matters, transactional events, finance organisations, regulatory compliance, innovative technologies and on an ever expanding range of topics due to market disruption.

We are here to help businesses transform their finance and control operations as well as addressing any hurdles they may face, we develop a suite of solutions covering 5 areas:

Technical Accounting

Assisting businesses on highly complex accounting transactions, including new accounting changes implementation and GAAP conversions

Contacts: John McCarrollSinead McHughMichelle Byrne, Eimear McCarthy

Finance Operation

Enabling businesses to create world-class Finance functions by providing insights on the design of finance organization, processes, data and systems.

  • Close & Consolidate
  • Loan Staff
  • Finance diagnostics
  • Finance Systems Advisory
  • Account Reconciliation/ Enablement
  • Finance Events & Transactions

Contact: Jamie Schmidt

Internal Controls

Helping businesses to establish, test and maintain a robust control environment that meets operational, financial and regulatory needs, leveraging latest practices and technology

  • Control Remediation/ Transformation
  • End-to-end Review
  • Management Testing

Capital Market Events

Facilitating capital market transactions and events, including IPO readiness, asset-based securitization, purchase accounting, financial analysis and carve-out

Contacts: John McCarrollSinead McHughDavid Kinsella

Business Assurance

Providing assurance to a third party (e.g. customer, investor, regulator, etc.) on financial or non-financial data, ecosystems and related controls

·         Media & Advertising

·         Blockchain

·         Cyber Security

·         Emerging External Reporting

Contacts: Sinead Moore, Colm McDonnell

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