Internal audit hot topics


2017 Internal Audit Planning

Hot topics to consider

It’s that time of year again where internal audit plans are being finalised and put before Committees and Boards for approval.

With internal audit plans currently being finalised, we have developed a hot topics booklet to highlight some of the key areas that organisations are considering including as part of their strategic plans. Some of the emerging areas include ·        

  • Governance – this is very much back on the agenda with increasing focus from Boards and new regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Third party management – with increased use of third party providers, organisations are looking to obtain increased assurances on how these third party providers are being managed
  • Combined assurance – organisations are trying to maximise the assurance that is being obtained based on work being carried out. This is a running theme we have seen in a large number of our clients.

Our Internal Audit Hot Topics document provides more detail on these areas as well a number of other topics that you may wish to consider including in your plan. It also highlights how Internal Audit can help organisations to address these topics which may be useful.

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