Accounting updates 

Quarter One 2018

Accounting Roundup April 2018

This accounting roundup, covering the period January 2018 through to March 2018, pulls together the headlines for all the latest developments in accounting, providing links to a wealth of further information and resources.

In this edition you can find out more on the following areas:

  • IFRS, UK GAAP, Corporate Governance and other developments
  • Deloitte publications, interviews and recordings
  • Deloitte comment letters
  • New and revised pronouncements for 31 March 2018 year-ends

On the board agenda - the 2018 reporting season

As 2017 draws to a close, our review of hot topics for boards and committees for the 2018 reporting season covers both areas of regulatory focus as well as emerging themes.

From responding to the ever-increasing threat of cyber attack, demonstrating the board’s consideration of broader stakeholder interests in decision making and calls for enhanced commentary on longer term prospects and all with the backdrop of Brexit and increasing heat on individual director accountability. There is much more to consider than usual.

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