Audit Innovation of the Year award

International Accounting Bulletin honours Deloitte

International Accounting Bulletin’s “Audit Innovation of the Year” award recognises organisations that make a major impact on audit quality and client service

Deloitte’s commitment to leading the profession in global audit quality has recently been recognised with International Accounting Bulletin’s prestigious “Audit Innovation of the Year” award for its demonstrated dedication to innovation and the development of leading-edge tools to transform audit service delivery.

Entries were judged based on demonstrated improvements in quality; efficiency, accuracy, and reliability; client satisfaction; uniqueness to the market; and evidence that the innovation has become a best practice. 

Across its global network, Deloitte is committed to innovation with a number of core initiatives for member firms worldwide. Deloitte Ireland is also leading from the front in this regard as one of five member firms selected as an early adopter of Deloitte’s Audit Innovation Portal. 

The Deloitte innovation portal provides Deloitte’s practitioners in Ireland with direct access to next-generation applications employing advanced technologies, artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities to improve audit quality and streamline audit processes.  In addition, Deloitte Ireland has been successfully driving innovation from within and the benefits of this, for both our clients and our people, have been very well received. 

To date Deloitte has had notable success with locally developed solutions such as D.STAR, which helps analyse and identify discrepancies and risks in spreadsheet data to increase the accuracy of audit services, and D.NAV, which utilises advanced analytics to deliver exceptional quality audits of investment funds and fund managers, while at the same time delivering value that goes far beyond a traditional financial statement audit. The two solutions have received both local and international acclaim. 

With a strong pipeline already in place for 2016 and beyond, Deloitte is raising the bar on quality and innovation and truly setting the standard as the auditor of the future.

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