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Audit and assurance

Aspire with assurance

Deloitte’s professionals are committed to excellence and to enhancing the trust of our clients. Quality is our top priority, and by focusing on innovation, we continue to raise the bar on quality and deliver greater value to our clients. Our industry specialists understand the dynamics of our clients’ industries and bring insight to enhance the value of the services we deliver.

Our Audit Practice

Deloitte Audit professionals provide independent financial statement and internal control audits, in accordance with the latest professional standards and with a focus on quality.

Audits and reviews are planned to assess and identify possible risk—whether the risk of a material misstatement or a risk in internal controls. Our professionals work closely with our clients to encourage two-way communication and to minimise surprises.

Our Audit Practice


In a world of digital disruption, where businesses are constantly redefined and customer needs change rapidly, auditors need to be increasingly agile.

Deloitte’s approach to innovation gives our auditors the capabilities to quickly understand and respond to your needs while leveraging the latest technology.

Our aim is to be as proactive as possible in helping you while meeting all of our regulatory requirements.

Central to our approach is the use of the firm’s wide expertise in data analytics, digital solutions, service and experience design. The capabilities of our Deloitte technologies are being embedded into our end-to-end auditing service.

Audit Innovation


Our audit practitioners’ top priority is to provide quality audits for our clients. Over the past years, we have made significant investments to improve our processes. we are looking to leverage innovation and technology to shape and drive the audit profession of the future, to improve quality ane efficiencies and to ultimately benefit our clients.

As the financial markets grow increasingly complex and global, a reliable, effective audit process is becoming essential to maintaining investor trust and confidence. To demonstrate our commitment to audit quality and transparency, Deloitte published an annual Transparency report that provides information to the public to enhance the understanding of our organisation and our audit processes.

Audit Quality

Our Audit assurance services include:

  • Statutory and financial statement assurance
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Pension scheme audits
  • Grant audits
  • Regulatory reporting assurance
  • Completion accounts
  • Revenue assurance
  • Share-based remuneration accounting

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Michael Hartwell

Partner, Head of Audit & Assurance

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