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Competition: IMI Leading Change Programme for Senior Leaders

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Symposium attendees have a chance to win a free place on IMI's ‘Leading Change’ programme, which will run from June 23 to June 25 2020. A place on this programme retails at €5,495 for non-IMI Corporate members.

Leading Change

Change your thinking, change everything

We need a new way to execute change.

Too often we think that change is about changing the world around us but real, sustainable change starts from within.

Many change programmes are focused upon learning new techniques to push through a change initiative and exploring change toolkits to see which might work in your context. These ignore the primary factor behind the success or failure of any change initiative – you.

We all bring our life experiences, biases and past ways of working to any change project, and each will influence its outcome. Research by Leading Change’s Programme Director, Deborah Rowland, shows 52% of the reason why big change either succeeds or fails is determined by a combination of characteristics in the leader themselves - the mastery of your inner game.

The Leading Change programme has been designed to recognise and develop these inner capacities. Through an in-depth immersion in the Still Moving approach to leading mindful and systemic change, you will leave with tangible ideas on how to build a winning approach to your leadership of change in an increasingly disruptive and complex world.


Who is the programme for?

The Leading Change programme has been developed for senior leaders with authority over change projects and initiatives, for those at the C-Suite level, and for HR Directors.


How to enter

Attendees can enter at the IMI stand during the Symposium on Friday 6 March. The winner will be announced at the closing of the Symposium. Good luck!

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